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Dorothy Martinez John Funk






We are both Colorado natives. We have been riding as a tandem team for 40 years! We have been Avalanche season ticket holders since 1999. We have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Maizie, a Golden Retriever named Karat, and a cat named Kringle. We have a pond in our backyard with an assortment of Koi as well as an indoor aquarium with two goldfish named Gus and Shawn. We are also involved with Freedom Service Dogs.

We both enjoy traveling and have traveled extensively in France and Italy. We have also traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Phillipines, China, and numerous Caribbean islands.

John is a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and enjoys photography. He has scanned and uploaded all of his Dad's World War II pictures along with historical information on his website at John currently works as Head of Tanzu Learning Strategy at VMWare.

Dorothy is the Lead Water Garden Volunteer at The Hudson Gardens & Event Center. She is also the President of the Colorado Water Garden Society. Being involved in both these organizations, she has learned how to successfully grow and maintain various aquatic plant species such as water lilies, lotus, papyrus, and taro. The Hudson Gardens & Event Center is one of two gardens along the Front Range to display the exotic Victoria Water Lily, which can have leaves with diameters up to 56". These unique plants produce a fantastic flower that blooms at night. We did an informational video on the Victoria Water Lily, you can view it at

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