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Review these common questions and answers to our website. 

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  • Where is the Member's Directory found?
    Click on Members from the Top Menu. You must be logged into the website. You should then see the Members Directory and be able to search for members:
  • How can I be included in the Members Directory?
    This is the custom page we had built to allow for a Member Directory. You must populate the fields in Red (including a photo) to be in the members directory. ​ When logged in click on your name and select "My Profile" If you want one entry for Captain and Stoker add both names to the First and/or last names as appropriate. Here are some examples:
  • How can I control the CTC email alerts?
    When logged in: Click on My Account from under your Name. Then click on Settings, then choose what type of Notification you want to get and when
  • How can I access the Forums?
    Once logged in, Forum is found under the "MEMBERS" menu. Read, post or comment on discussion Forums. Change to see “All Posts” if easier. Change to see “All Posts” if easier.
  • How can I create a Classified Ad?
    You must Sign up for the site You must complete "Profile" to ensure your Display Name is updated. Go to Forums. Click "Create New Post" button Choose Classifieds as the Category Enter a title, description and make sure you put your contact information. Click post. Note: When sold or no longer available; kindly enter the words SOLD in front of the title or let us know so we can remove it.
  • How do I become a site member?
    1. From our website, click on "Log In" to the far top right of the page or simply access this protected page: 2. If you are NOT a member and need to Sign Up, click Sign Up. 3. Sign up with Google, Facebook or Email. 4. When logged in, click on your name and select "Profile" 5. The data entered here is used for the built in website features like Forums. So if you comment, post or like a discussion Forum, others will know who you are if you complete these two items: 6. Please add a photo but clicking on your image. 7. Update your Display name If you don’t complete this step, then you will appear as “unknown member” Please edit "My Profile" to be included in the Members Directory.
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