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How to host a club ride

Our clubs main activities are known as “Hosted  Rides”.  This includes a ride route and a ride leader.  Typically, on hosted rides, one may start the ride near a brewery or restaurant, where we can gather after for more “Social time”.   The more rides people host - the more fun it is to be a member of the club as the more chance we get to interact through riding and social time. Once we have determined a date and a route, we will publicize the ride for you in the club newsletter, Colorado Tandem Club Calendar on our website, and Facebook event page.

Here is a quick list of how to host a ride:

  • Select a date.

  • Select your route.  Here are some tips:   

    • Use the RidewithGPS app; you can search for existing rides, or you can record the                                  ride you want to share. This is the tool of choice when sharing the route with others.

    • We can pair you with a mentor to help you fine-tune any ride.

  • Contact  the CTC Club President to ensure no date conflicts: 

  • Download the sign-up sheet and make sure everyone signs it that rides.  This is the one critical                        item as it is required by our insurance carrier.  

  • On the day of the ride: 

    • ​Allow each team to briefly introduce themselves (i.e. name, city, how long a member)

    • Tell everyone about the ride; the overview of the route, anything to watch out for,  places you will stop to re-group.

    • Anything else relevant to your ride or the social part after!

    • Most of all, have fun, stay safe and be social!

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