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Tim Hibbs Susan Turnquist


Castle Rock




We are Tim Hibbs, Captain, and Susan Turnquist, Rear Admiral. We ride a DaVinci Designs tandem. It is painted metallic blue and metallic green which has earned it the nickname "June Bug". We tend to be fair-weather riders, but have expanded our range of riding temperatures all the way down into the upper 40s - sometimes, if there's not too much wind, if there's no rain, if we have the right gear, if the route doesn't have long hills, if we've gotten enough sleep the night before, etc. Perhaps you can tell we're retired...

We have a travel van that we use to transport our bike from place to place. The van has a stylized tandem on either side so we know which van is ours at the end of long rides, or after rides incorporating brewery or winery stops. The van also has a name - "BEYOND" - which is the license plate we were fortunate enough to secure from the DMV. It represents "Beyond our wildest dreams", or "Into the great Beyond", or "Beyond our budget"... We haven't decided which, yet.

Tim here: I am trying to learn German. I've been trying for 50 years, with a long time gap between my initial attempt and now. I'm not very good at it yet. Susan speaks English, and a smattering of French, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. When I make a wrong turn or am going downhill too fast, I'll hear smatterings of all of them.

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