The Colorado Tandem Club members enjoy getting together with other tandem riders and sharing ride experiences in Colorado.

We also have a Facebook group for CTC members to share ride experiences and photos; meet other Colorado tandem teams; discuss riding, routes, events, experiences, and technical issues. We welcome new and experienced teams. 

Summer Social Sizzles!

Over 40 members came to celebrate our first club gathering in more than 18 months due to Covid restrictions. Two great rides, one social and one a little more challenging, allowed everyone to join in at a pace comfortable for their team.

Reynolds Landing was a perfect gathering spot complete with a covered gazebo for eating. Thank you Carl and Julie for booking the site. The Tobiassens and Gerulats did their usual outstanding job of organizing the event. Our thanks to Tandem Cycleworks for their participation. Thanks also to our ride leaders: Bob and Mavis and Carolyn and Warren.

Use Strava.com to post your rides

Tom T. has set up a club riding page--------

A club riding page has been created on Strava that you can use to track your own riding and see what kind of exciting cycling (also includes walking, running, etc) adventures others are doing.  Strava is a fun exercise tracking app that also allows us to set goals and create club challenges.


Check Strava out, establish an account, and join the Colorado Tandem Club on Strava page.