One thing seems clear - you should get out and ride your bicycle, for your physical and mental well-being.
As for club functions, the consensus seems to be that it would be irresponsible to have organized rides and events these days.   And at this point, no-one seems to know when it will be safe to do so.
So, read the bi-weekly emails and/or check the club's Facebook page for information.

Use Strava.com to post your rides

Tom T. has set up a club riding page--------

While riding as a large group is not advised these days, we can still have fun following the rides that our fellow club members are doing.  A club riding page has been created on Strava that you can use to track your own riding and see what kind of exciting cycling (also includes walking, running, etc) adventures others are doing.  Strava is a fun exercise tracking app that also allows us to set goals and create club challenges.


Check Strava out, establish an account, and join the Colorado Tandem Club on Strava page.