Colorado Tandem Club
Ride Classifications:

The purpose of this classification is to ensure tandem teams who join a CTC ride KNOW what they are in for.

Class A:   

Speed/Averages - 15+ mph on flat terrain, 10 -14 mph on rolling/hilly terrain, 8 -12 mph on very hilly terrain.    

Mileage - 35+ miles.  

Rest Stops - As needed, decided by group leader.

Class B:   

Speed/Averages - 11 - 15 mph on flat terrain, 8 - 11 mph on rolling/hilly terrain, 6 -8 mph on very hilly terrain.  

Mileage - 30-45 miles.   

Rest Stops - Every 10-15 miles.

Class C:   

Speed/Averages - 8 -11 mph on flat terrain, 4 - 8 mph on rolling/hilly terrain.   

Mileage - 15-35 miles.   

Rest Stops - Every 10 or so miles, as needed by the group

•    All CTC rides will have a host/leader.  However, they are not required or expected to be at the front of the group at all times.  Hosts should make sure all riders are accounted for at the end of the ride. 
•    All CTC rides will have a sweep to prevent any team from getting lost or separated from the group.  The sweep will also help with roadside repairs.
•    It will be possible that on some rides we will break into two groups as leaders/hosts and sweep are available to better serve our members on a ride.
•    On all classifications the group will stop and assist any repairs, flats etc. so the group does not split up.
•    Hosts of each ride will provide a brief description of the route for publication.
•    + Please note that cruising speeds may be different than the overall average speed.


Minimum Requirements
Helmets are required. 
Rides depart on time. Arrive at least fifteen minutes early and get ready to ride.   Wheels rolling/down means the actual start time of the ride.
It is the responsibility of all riders to be equipped with a bicycle in good repair. 
Anyone who joins a ride must be able to ride at the minimal pace for its category.

Safety and Ride Etiquette
We are all responsible for our own safety. 
Bike riders are required by law to follow the same rules as cars. 
Pay attention to everything around you, including other riders, cars, road conditions, and your own physical status. 
Hand signals and calling out hazards and intentions are essential to group riding. Call out first, and then move. 
Please respect your fellow riders, the rules of the road and the motorists.
If you decide to leave a CTC ride for any reason please make sure you communicate this to the ride host.


What to Bring
Tuned-up bike with inflated tires (pump tires before every ride)
Properly fitting helmet
Filled water bottles or hydration backpack
Pocket food (bars, trail mix)
Spare tube (one minimum, two better)
Tire irons (for changing a flat tire)
Tire pump or CO2 cartridge with dispenser
Identification, health insurance card and emergency contact information, Road ID
Your cell phone – make sure you share your number with the group leader/host
GPS if you own one

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