Last Minute Ride Hosting

   In the fall of 2014, the board decided to move ahead with the creation of a password-protected area of this website so that club members could obtain contact information for other club members.  Initially, a club email included a letter for members to sign and return with their contact information and their permission.  In the spring of 2015 this permission was added to the membership renewal form.
   To access this newly-created area, click on FIND CLUB MEMBERS, and then choose one of the 3 methods.  You'll then need the password to access these pages.  Several emails to individual teams and to the membership at large have given out the password, but if you misplace the password, please contact us.  And please let us know if you find any mistakes.....
   The reasoning behind this website feature is that the  information will allow members, when the weather forecast looks good or when the in-laws cancel at the last moment, to call or email other members to arrange a last-minute ride.  (We think these last-minute rides would not be covered by the club insurance policy, but clarification is needed on this point).
   Also, the information could be used to contact other club members to invite them to ski, hike, etc.  (These activities would not be covered by the club insurance policy.)