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If a person driving a motor vehicle behaves aggressively or dangerously, dial *CSP (*277) from your cell phone to reach the Colorado State Patrol. You’ll need to provide the vehicle license plate number (mandatory), location and direction of travel, vehicle and driver description and a description of the aggressive behavior.

Ever wonder what to do with a right-turn-only lane?

Here is language from the Colorado statutes: 

"Upon approaching an intersection where right turns are permitted and there is a dedicated right-turn lane, a bicyclist may ride on the left-hand portion of the dedicated right-turn lane even if the bicyclist does not intend to turn right."

Take the lane!

Colorado statutes do not require you to ride as far right as possible all the time.  There are times when riding more towards the middle of the lane is safer and legal.





    Here is one example:  At traffic lights and in slow-moving traffic, it is safer to position the bike behind the middle of the car in front of you.  See #5 on the website for explanations of this and other safe riding ideas.








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